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As luck would have it on this day, at least in my area of Ol’ Blighty, it’s raining hammers and nails. Of course, I also favorite replica watches for my consideration, either in the short-term or for long-term collection aspirations. As my tastes can be quite eccentric, today’s Pre-Owned Picks will be an episode of “what’s on Ben’s wishlist?”. I have no doubt, the weird and wonderful selections may not have the mainstream appeal, but there are some real gems in here. It may also be an insight into my psyche as I endeavor to understand why I may have added these perfect fake watches for sale to my list.

All these watches were selected carefully by me without any influence from Chrono24. I set the theme of wristwatch “favorites” and only chose from my existing list. I only request the high-resolution photos from Chrono24 without the watermark. As these are only my suggestions, it is worth always carrying out your research on the watch details and the seller. Ask as many relevant questions you feel are necessary for the high quality copy watch, and a good seller should answer with accuracy and honesty.

Titanium Bracelet Replica Breitling Aerospace Ref. E75362
To bring things down again, my next pick comes purely from where my interests lie. If you’re new to my articles, I am a big fan of the Aerospace. From my Avantage to the EVO that I spent considerable effort to obtain via the Prague boutique. So, revealing this pick to readers of Fratello is certainly risking my opportunity to swipe it. But the full titanium with grey dial and insignia is too good not to share.
For obvious reasons, I am keeping a close eye on this one. The only thing that deters me is the early Aerospace bracelets that look quite jarring against the case design. The later slanted bracelets had more of that Breitling DNA that makes it an enticing prospect. For me, the standout of this example is the insignia dial for the aero “Flying Monsters” squadron. Often, the emblems are only meaningful to those who are part of the squadron that it relates to. But I feel this dragon design and “Flying Monsters” name is open to anyone’s interpretation. Full set, box, and papers of a limited edition of 80 Breitling fake with Swiss movement.

Ebel 1911
I worry about the current state of Ebel. It hardly registers in the pantheon of prestigious watch brands as it once did decades ago. Just going by the effort on its “About Us” page, Ebel’s heart is not really in it anymore. Instead of pages of sumptuous scribing on the brand’s history, innovations, and ethics, its story relegates to a one-minute video. Have a look for yourself and see if it confuses you as much as it did me.
Yet I cannot deny that one of its most well-known creations is not at least worth your time. The 1911 has a sporty yet classic layout exuding luxury and adaptability. Its name refers to the year of the company’s inception, but these watches were truly hot in the ’90s. Looking at the design, I can see why. But then, I also notice a resurgence of ’90s designs that are finding their way back to fashion. Kappa bucket hats, burgundy Doc Martens — the gold and steel 1911 might be the luxury fake watch for a throwback look.

The fact this watch hails from Florida only ties it further to the feeling of nostalgia. No box and papers on this one, but the condition looks excellent with a reliable quartz ticker inside.


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