Swiss UK Luxury Fake Chronograph Watches Of High Quality For Men

BREITLING NAVITIMER GMT AURORA BLUE The hallmark feature of the now 65-year-old 48 mm fake Breitling Navitimer (we explore it in detail here) is its circular slide-rule bezel, which can be used to determine flight data such as fuel consumption. … Continue reading →

Guest Post: The Swiss Fake Breitling Cosmonaute — A Special Relationship

On May 24th 1962, Commander Scott Carpenter was the second American to perform an orbital space flight onboard the Aurora 7 spacecraft. So busy was he taking photos of frost particles, or “fireflies” that he went off course and overshot … Continue reading →

Pre-Owned Picks — What’s On Ben’s Best Replica Watch Wishlist?

As luck would have it on this day, at least in my area of Ol’ Blighty, it’s raining hammers and nails. Of course, I also favorite replica watches for my consideration, either in the short-term or for long-term collection aspirations. … Continue reading →